Today’s commercial real estate environment is far from being transparent: it is more complex and than ever. The first thing to understand is that, when a tenant is confronted with a lease renewal, the landlord most probably has an advantage. If you’re like most tenants, you (re)negotiate a lease every five or ten years, while for a landlord the buildings that you rent are his major assets. Real estate is his business. These different positions result into an unlevel playing field.

To level this field Switch has some of the industry’s most expert professionals to help you through the process of renegotiation your lease, regardless of your company’s size or sector. You can put trust in our experienced team of consultants to assist you in negotiating the best possible terms, thereby cutting your occupancy costs for a new lease term in some instances by 25 to over 50%!

In order to give a clear picture of the (saving) possibilities in your specific case we start by analyzing your current lease while drawing up an overview of your current and future occupancy needs. Will you be needing extra sq. m² or do you have to right-size your operation, leading to less sq. m²? We investigate how can we arrange maximum flexibility at the lowest costs and carefully analyze the service charges. Creating significant financial savings is our main goal alongside reducing tenants’ risks and providing as much as possible legal improvements.

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